Birding spot of Nimbokrang

Isyo Hill’s Repang Muaif is a group of environmental people who really protect their own land. They want to preserve the forest of their own tribe in the Nimbokrang district of Jayapura regency.

Bapak Alex Waisimon (projectmanager) is passionate about learning the habitat of the birds of Paradise. He made special birding spots where birdwatchers can take a picture of the birds of Paradise without disturbing the too much. You can enjoy, while taking a picture, the songs of all the birds in the area.

The land which the group owns is 19 hectares and has some homesteads on it. You can enjoy 1 or more day(s) on the property to enjoy the birds and other biodiversity.

Iron tree’s fruit is the one of food for the bird of Paradise. The local people learned that this fruit is important to the bird and preserve it. They realize what their impact can mean to the bird and conservation of their natural habitat and other animals who live in it.