I had a dream to bring tourists traveling to Papua for a visit to Cendrawasih Bay National Park. But why go there? Cenderawasih Bay National Park is in between Manokwari and Nabire, surrounded by tropical rainforest and mangrove. It is a secluded piece of heaven and is famous for its Whale Shark, Rhincodon typhus.

To get here you have to take a flight from Jayapura to Nabire. In Nabire there is a locally owned homestay where you can stay and feel welcome. Early next morning we will take a boat to the Bagan.


Bagan are floating fishing platforms. The fisherman make nets to catch some small fish like Skipjack or Anchovies. Fishermen live there for months on end and spend their days fishing with hand-lines. At night time they catch small anchovies in their nets, hung from under the platform by using projected lights. These nets hanging from the platforms attract the interest of the largest residents of Cenderawasih, the whale-sharks. Therefore it is easy to spot a and snorkel with whalesharks in The Cendrawasih Bay National Park.

It is important to not touch the whale shark when swimming with. Not only is it forbidden but the skin of the whaleshark contains some kind of liquid that can make your skin burn or itchy. Please keep you distance, observe and enjoy.

Are you interested in snorkeling with this beautiful animal, please contact me and we will set up an itinerary adjusted to you wishes.