Papuans like to take time to eat and drink together when they celebrate something or if they have an important guest come to visit their family. It is part of Papuan culture to make guests feel like part of the family. Sitting together and sharing food is an important cultural experience. Wherever you go in Papua, you will be welcomed into the family.

Bakar Batu

Usually a family provides traditional food. A family in a coastal area will feed you papeda (sago porridge), banana, taro, sweet potatoes, vegetables and fish. If you are in the highlands, the family will share food from a bakar batu (pit roast). This will include vegetables, meat and sweet potatoes.

Bakar Batu papua travel guide
Bakar Batu

Traditional Papuan foods in a traditional pit roast include: sago, cassava and sweet potatoes. However, each area has their unique traditions and cook in their own style. If you plan to travel to Wamena, you should bring some extra coffee or tea sachets to share as gifts when you eat in their traditional kitchens (Honai). Make sure you bring some cigarettes also as gifts, but don’t give them to children. They can be given to the elders and your porter. This is a way to thank for the local people about sharing time together.

Are you interested in experiencing traditional Papua home cooking? I can offer you a one day tour where you can see, feel and taste Papua home cooking.

Together we will go to the market and buy the ingredients for our lunch. I will explain unknown ingredients to you and how you can substitute them when you want to cook the same dish at home.

We will take the ingredients to an island with stilt houses and prepare the meal. You can enjoy a lovely meal and enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience Papua life.

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